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Resurrection Priory
Coban, Guatemala

Resurrection Priory was established in 1970 by the Benedictines of Blue Cloud Abbey in Marvin, South Dakota. The original projects of the monastery included founding the first Catholic radio station in Guatemala and forming a Savings and Credit Cooperative.

Recently however, Resurrection Priory has been building and operating schools in small, indigenous communities (aldeas) about an hour north of Cobán.

There are currently fifteen monks of Resurrection Priory. The primary language of the monastery is Spanish.

The Saint John’s BVC Volunteers have been involved in two main tasks through the monastery's missions. Teaching english in the small indigenous communities surrounding Cobán, where most of the people speak the native language of Q'eqchi, and setting up the new school near the monastery in Cobán. The school in Cobán is being set up as a media learning center where both children and adults will attend. Volunteers work with monks and employees of the monastery.

Volunteers live in the monastery. Each has his own room furnished with a desk, bed, nightstand, closet and private bathroom. Meals are provided and prepared by the monastery. Beans and tortillas are staples and are served three times a day. Meat, almost exclusively chicken, is served once a day with the exception of Friday.

Those Who Have Served

2009:  Brian Adamek and Sean Fahnhorst

2009-2010: Matt Ott and Pat Deering

2010-2011: Gabe Sperl and Connor McIntee

2011-2012: Thomas Joyce and Justin Rose

2012-2013: Evans Yamoah and Lucas Kennedy

2013: Stephen Gross and Colin Merrigan 

2018-2019: Francesco Hanson and Alex Wendlandt

2019-2020: Michael Garber and James Gathje