The Benedictine Volunteer Corps

Prayer, Service, and Community Living Worldwide to Transform Lives

Support the Work of the Saint John's Benedictine Volunteer Corps

The teaching and modeling of Benedict’s Rule that the monks do so well is what makes a Saint John’s education so unique. As a trustee of the university, the presence and growth of the monastery is vital.
— Mike Scherer (SJU '67)

The Saint John's Benedictine Volunteer Corps provides volunteer opportunities for recent graduates of Saint John’s University at Benedictine monasteries and schools around the world. Utilizing the skills and spiritual values they learned at Saint John’s, the young men serve in collaboration with the host Benedictine monasteries in which they are placed, mostly located in developing areas of the world. The work is varied, sorely needed, and greatly appreciated. The presence of the volunteers is also a gift to the host monks with whom they live and work, for they enrich each monastic community with youthful energy and new insights in a common search for God. Finally, the young men are transformed by the richness of being in a “new world.” Support is needed to provide orientation and training, transportation, health coverage, and modest volunteer stipends, as well as to provide funds for entrepreneurial projects at the sites.