The Benedictine Volunteer Corps

Prayer, Service, and Community Living Worldwide to Transform Lives

Saint Theresa of Lisieux Priory
KATIBUNGA Benedictine Monastery
Mpika, Zambia 

Katibunga Monastery, founded in 1987, is a religious Benedictine Missionary community, the offshoot of the African Benedictines of Hanga Abbey in Tanzania. It is situated about 85 kilometers from Mpika town in Zambia.

Apart from engagement with the Benedictine motto of "Prayer and work," the community has been very aware of and responsive to the real needs of the people who live near the monastery.

Work of the SJBVC


The volunteers live near the monastery and work closely with the community. Volunteers teach in the school to monks, seminarians, and the youth community. Volunteers also work in the medical dispensary, garden and farm, as well as look after the many animals the monastery has. Katibunga is also home to a banana plantation and orchard. There is plenty of work to do in Katibunga. 

Those Who Have Served

2014-2015: Pat Kunkel and John Jaeger

2015-2016: Zachary Minea and Jospeh Kerber

2016-2017: Robert Otting-Crandall and Michael Wendlandt