The Benedictine Volunteer Corps

Prayer, Service, and Community Living Worldwide to Transform Lives

Glenstal Abbey
Murroe, Ireland

Glenstal Abbey is a Benedictine monastery in rural County Limerick on the south-west coast of Ireland. A 500 acre estate with streams, lakes and woodland paths, surrounds a castle built in the romantic Norman style. The Abbey, which is dedicated to Saints Joseph and Columba, is home to a community of 39 monks. Our prayer and liturgical celebration combine with managing a boarding school for boys, a farm, and a guest house. The monks assemble in Church four times a day for the Divine Office and the Mass. The Liturgy of The Hours and The Eucharist are observed and celebrated mixing Latin and English.

SJBVC volunteers live in a residence near the cloister of the monastery with other volunteers and GAP year students from countries in the euro zone. Meals are taken either with the monastic community or with guests of the abbey.

The work of the sjbvc at Glenstal is a mixture of staffing the reception desk and the guest house, working in the school and assistance on the farm.


2011-2012 John Dwyer - Jimmy Backes
2012-2013 Mick Doyle - Robby Floren