The Benedictine Volunteer Corps

Prayer, Service, and Community Living Worldwide to Transform Lives

Newark Abbey
Benedict's Preparatory School
Newark, New Jersey

Founded in 1857 by monks from the Abbey of Metten in Bavaria, Newark Abbey is one of the oldest Benedictine monasteries in the United States. The monastery was originally established in Newark to care for the German Catholic immigrants in the area. From its origin, the mission of Newark Abbey has been serving disadvantaged populations through parish work, pastoral outreach, community service, and most extensively, education by operating Saint Benedict's Prep.



Newark Abbey/ St. Benedict's Preparatory School is one of the first sites of the SJBVC. Since sending the first volunteer there in 2003, volunteers have been involved in teaching, tutoring, coaching, and being role models for the students. They teach classes in their areas of competence and have coached sports ranging from water polo to wrestling. Volunteers live on the grounds of the school, right in the center of Newark. 


2003-2004: Nick Bancks

2004-2005: Ryan Radmer and Robert Kirsch

2005-2006: Andy Dirksen and Michael-Leonard Hahn, OSB

2006-2007: Nick Briese and David Sadder

2007-2008: Jonathan Seldat and Ted Welle

2009-2010: Will Gilbert, Pat Hayes, and Jake Barnes

2010-2011: Michael Goggin, Trey Thompson, and Kevin Finley

2011-2012: Paul Johnson, Andy Happe, and Eric Grussing

2012-2013: Ryan Miller and Jake Ingalls

2013-2014: Ryan Wold and Nick Crowley

2014-2015: Cody Lynch and Chuck Dudek 

2015-2016: Christopher Heitzig and Jeremy Welters

2016-2017: Nick Zurn, Marcus Vievering, Brayan Garibay, and Joseph Evavold

2017-2018: Jared McComber and Connor Magee

2018-2019: Danny Gillis, Lincoln Mullings, Augustus Kjolhaug, and Jon Kleist

2019-2020: Ryan Gall and Kevin Lamb