The Benedictine Volunteer Corps

Prayer, Service, and Community Living Worldwide to Transform Lives

Sant Anselmo
Rome, Italy

Sant Anselmo in Rome Italy is the international house of studies for The Order of Saint Benedict worldwide. Sant’Anselmo in Rome is the center of the Benedictine Confederation. The Benedictine abbots of the world meet every four years her for the Confederation congress. Sant’Anselmo is the seat of the Abbot Primate and it is here that monks sent to Rome reside while teaching or studying at (Collegio Sant’Anselmo) the Benedictine University (Pontificio Ateneo Sant’Anselmo).



The volunteers arrive in August each year to study Italian in preparation for their work at the Portineria (the information desk) and participation in the life and prayer of the house. The Benedictine volunteers also work on the grounds, do maintenance and perform other services that maintain the life of Sant’ Anselmo.


2005-2006: Mark Hoffman

2006-2007: Andrew Johnson

2008-2009: Brady King

2013-2014: Patrick Moe and Jake Harris

2014-2015: Mark Greci and John Dube 

2015-2016: Jordan Berns and Gabriel Amon

2016-2017: Matt Devery and Nathan Anderson

2017-2018: William Harren and Ramond Mitchell

2018-2019: Kyle Munshower

2019-2020: David Stockman and Noah Hynes-Marquette